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What is Past Life Regression?

Hypnosis can also be used to regress to what is perceived to be a past life (or future life, pre birth, between lives, etc). While this can be pursued simply for self-interest, personal growth and exploration, viewed from a healing perspective this can be useful to gain insight or release blocks that are creating difficulties in your present life. Depending on what you believe, a past life experience can be seen as remembering insightful information from your soul’s history, or just your mind’s way of working out a solution to your current problems. Either way, growing research has demonstrated many benefits from this healing approach.

img-plr-3Emotional and physical challenges can be quickly and effectively resolved through past life regression therapy in far fewer sessions than with conventional therapy. For example, resistant fears, phobias and anxieties have been resolved with great success using this approach. Positive results have also been found for Tourettes’s syndrome sufferers, phantom pains and other physical ailments. The experience can shed light on issues with relationships. In addition, where nothing else has worked, clients may stop smoking after delving into past lives.

There is a growing interest in Past Life Regression Therapy, as evidenced by the exposure and popularity of authors such as Dr. Brian Weiss, M.D. on shows such as Oprah.

Past Life Regression has a number of valuable therapeutic purposes. Here are some benefits excerpted from the book “Past Life Regression: A Guide for Practitioners” by Mary Lee LaBay, PhD:

Cycles of Behaviour – Viewing the cycles and patterns of behaviour recurring throughout many lifetimes grants greater perspective on our unique quirks, habits, struggles, fears, choices, hopes and dreams.

Physical Healing – In many cases, the health issues we experience in this life have roots that extend into other lifetimes. For this reason, past life regression can provide information important to healing physical symptoms.

Unexplained Pain – Unexplained pains and syndromes, chronic pain and illness, birthmarks, and other health-related phenomena frequently have their roots in other lifetimes.

Phobias – A regression can also reveal the roots of phobias or other emotional blocks. Sometimes simply having knowledge of the relevant past life experience will be enough to shift the energy, allowing a breakthrough or healing to occur.

img-plr-4What to Expect from a Past Life Regression Session

Everyone will experience their past life differently. We have inner senses of sight, sensation, sound, smell and just knowing. Some or all of these inner senses may be active during your past life regression session.

Recommended Authors:

Dr. Brian Weiss M.D., Henry Leo Bolduc, Dolores Cannon, Mary Lee LeBay, Ph.D., Dr. Georgina Cannon


“My past life regression session has been life altering. I completed my session and felt like I had slept for a whole week! I am eagerly recommending it to all of my friends and am looking forward to repeating this process over and over again. I have had some issues and this process has opened the door for me to begin the healing.” – Nancy

“This is awesome! I really feel old chains that once bound me to ‘reality’ have fallen away…..I feel completely awakened.” – David

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For more information on Past Life Regression, visit the International Association for Regression Research and Therapies.

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